Saturday, December 8, 2012

This is getting ridiculous....

So...I did have a tentative surgery date for March 15th and it was so nice to have an actual date to count down to. Unfortunately, this date no longer seems too likely to happen because my teeth are just moving too slowly. It's just so annoying how I can't get a definitive date on my surgery since it's all dependent on how my teeth move. But at my last orthodontist appointment they put these springs in that will hopefully speed up the process and I can tell it's working because my teeth kill! I now know how more poor teething puppy feels when he just needs to bite everything in sight! 

But here's some awkward photos of my teeth!
The larger space is where the tooth to the right used to be. That tooth is moving into the place where I had a tooth pulled. It's been moving toward that molar since June. Once it's far enough, then the rest of the bottom teeth will get pushed back as well. The same thing is happening on the other side too. 

                                         Here's the spring they put in.

 As you can see, some of the other bottom teeth are already starting to shift. It looks like such a crooked mess haha
                                                    Here's a better view of the bottom

 And here's some photos of my new puppy just because! He's making this whole living at home/taking time off to get this surgery done bearable!