Monday, July 29, 2013

1 Week Post-Op!

It has been one week since my surgery! I went to my surgeon's office today for my first appointment since surgery. He said everything is coming along nicely! At the surgeon's office, they took out some of my stitches, took out my bands and let me brush my teeth, and then put two new bands in on each side.

I'm feeling much better today. I think the bit of activity of going to the surgeon's office was good for me. My nose is clear and I'm not having any trouble breathing. Last night I slept pretty well, probably the best night yet (but still not a peaceful sleep). As for my swelling, it's going down a little bit, but my upper lip is HUGE! I look like someone who had to much lip collagen.

Here's some photos from today. It's been so nice out that I've been trying to get as much fresh air as possible.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 6

I am definitely starting to feel better. Nights and morning are still hard, but during the day I feel like myself. Last night I was able to sleep a little bit better. I've been trying to ice a lot because it is uncomfortable near my ears/cheekbones. For food, I've mostly been sticking to ensure and soups. I like all the juices I made, but sometimes the protein powder creates this chalky taste that's really gross. Right now, my mom is going to the store to get potatoes and avocados so hopefully we can whip something up!

Speaking of my mom, she is been amazing throughout this whole process! She obviously stayed with me in the hospital and now that I'm home she is waiting on me hand and foot. She's feeding me, wiping my drool, basically I'm just like a huge baby that needs to be taken care of. The first night back home I couldn't sleep because of a really bizarre dream and she came into my room and stayed with me until I was ok. This whole recovery makes me feel like a little kid again! I definitely couldn't get through this without the help of my mom! My dad and my sister have also been great and even my extended family and neighbors have been so sweet sending me sooo many flowers! I also have to give a shout out to fellow jaw surgery patient Heather! I got those breathe right strips! Talk about a live saver! My new obsession is putting q-tips a little up my nose and then putting a breath right strip on. It feels so much better being able to actually breath! I also finally got a jaw bra that has ice packs that can go in them. I didn't get one initially because I knew the hospital provided ice packs, but did anyone find those as uncomfortable and useless as I did? They were so heavy on my head I thought my head would explode any minute.

Here's an update on photos. I don't really see any difference, but my mom says she thinks the swelling looks much better.
So many pretty flowers!

My puppy taking care of me!

breathe right strips


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Officially on the Post-Op Side of Things!

Hello everyone! Surgery went well on the 22nd and now I'm at home recovering. I'm am so impressed with all these bloggers who are able to post a day or two after surgery. I am now on Day 4 and was just finally feeling up to it! 

I'm feeling ok now but my energy level goes from high to low really quickly. And even though I spent months and months researching, nothing really prepared for the the uncomfortableness I'd be feeling. It's only day four and I'm sick of going to bed sleeping up, it's really frustrating not being able to talk, and my nose is getting so stuffy I feel like I can't breath. I spent two nights in the hospital and don't think I slept much the second night because I was so paranoid I wasn't breathing. It's also really hard in the hospital because nurses are coming in so often to take your vitals. I'm lucky that I had a really good nursing team. Everyone was very sweet and understanding!

Yesterday during the day was good but I would say last night was the worst. I got home and was so excited to sleep in my own bed but I just couldn't fall asleep and when I did fall asleep I was having strange dreams and would wake up with my mouth tasting horrible. But I've heard day three is usually the height of swelling so hopefully tonight will be better.

I'm really trying to drink as much liquids as possible. Mostly apple juice, water, and ensure. I keep on getting headaches from lack of food and they immediately go away after some ensure. I've only tried a small amount of my juices so I'll post more on that later.

I'll write more later because I am getting tried but for anyone who is still going to have surgery or is in the early stages of recovery and feels uncomfortable, take a shower! It literally feels like the best thing in the world! Yesterday I took three haha

Here's a photo from today. I'll post more later.

Day 4 

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Tomorrow is the big day! I honestly can't believe it's here and I can't even feel nervous because it really hasn't hit me yet. My surgery is at 7:30 am so I'll be getting to the hospital pretty early. In the past couple weeks I've been been going to doctors and getting prepared. I had to get a physical, get some blood work done, and then last Thursday I got my surgical hooks on. The hooks are weird/annoying.

Here's a list of a couple things I got to prepare:

-Baby Toothbrush
-Body pillows (I put one under my mattress to prop up my bed)
-Wipes for my face
-Button down shirts
-Apple Sauce
-I have a blender, food processor, and my surgeon's office gave me a NutriBullet!

I have been blending a bunch of smoothies since my mom doesn't really know how to make them and I know the first couple days I won't feel up to it to make smoothies. I made a bunch of different kinds, but my favorite is a green smoothie. The ingredients are:

-A handful of spinach
-Protein powder
-Half a banana
-Frozen pineapple
-Pineapple juice
-V8 tropical juice

I normally make smoothies with almond milk, but I find the juice makes them much thinner. So hopefully I'll able to have all these smoothies I just made! I know from reading everyone else's blogs, the first couple of days I probably won't feel like eating much.

Here's a few more before pictures, the ones from today aren't great. I'm really exhausted and haven't put on any make up today.

Surgical Hooks

Dreaded Side View

So many smoothies!
Selfie haha What a difference some make up makes!

Actually showing off those lovely braces

I thought this was a good candid of my side view. This picture would be so cute if my profile was better.


Well I'm off to eat my last good meal for a while! (My favorite chicken pad thai! I haven't really been sticking to the vegan thing....) I may post more in the morning but if not I'll be posting updates post-op!

Monday, July 8, 2013

2 weeks!!

This time in 2 weeks I'll be recovering from surgery! Freaking out a little.....