Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Pictures

So many selfies 

Me and my pup

Did some damage on my shopping spree

Me and my muffin...my mom wanted to document every moment of me eating 

smiling profile

I can have wine! 

Actually Eating!! Huge Moment haha 

Week 5 - I can eat!!

I have been the worst blogger ever. I've been so busy because I'm moving tomorrow! I can't believe it!

Yesterday I went to the surgeon's office for my last appointment there in a while and I got the ok to start chewing! Very exciting! After the appointment, my mom and I went shopping and I ate a blueberry muffin! I had to pick it apart in tiny bits but it really wasn't that weird to eat it. Then, my family and I went out to dinner to celebrate me being able to eat again! We went to a tapas restaurant and I got scallops and then this delicious dish with avocado and crab and shrimp. I'm definitely going to eat a lot of avocados, they were so easy to eat.

This afternoon, I'm going to my orthodontist's office for the first time since my surgery. I don't really know what they are going to do besides take X-rays, but I really hope they take off my surgical hooks and give my a little indication of how much longer I'll need braces.

Here's some current photos! I'll post more in a little. I've been working on a list of jaw surgery tips and advice but I'm not finished with it yet so I'll post that later.

I can finally move my face 


Monday, August 19, 2013

4 weeks!

One more week until I can eat soft foods!! This week better go by quickly! I finally put my photos from the orthodontist on my computer. They are about a year and half old and not very flattering haha, but here they are with photos from today.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 27

I got back from the beach yesterday and I am exhausted. My face got a little sun burnt and unfortunately, that made my swelling worse. I only have 10 days until I move to go to grad school so I'm working hard on being super healthy to get swelling to come down. Now that I'm feeling better, I started drinking my green protein shakes again. I had planned on drinking these through my whole recovery, but when I got home from the hospital, I felt so tired and crappy that all I wanted was comfort food like mashed potatoes and soup. Now that I'm starting to feel like a normal human being again, it's time to get healthy. I also am trying to drink more water. I've never been a fan of water, but I'm doing my best to drink about 60 oz a day.

Progression of my swelling. The first photo is when I first got home from the hospital,  then week 1, week 2, week 3.

Day 27

At my beach house. I'm so happy I can wear my hair up and not stress about how my side profile looks!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 23 Before and After

Here's some photos from a couple of days ago with "before pictures." I have better before pictures from my surgeon and orthodontist that I'll post eventually, but these were the only ones I had on hand.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

3 weeks continued

3 weeks!

Yesterday it was 3 weeks since my surgery! I went to the surgeons office and they took out a couple more stitches and said I can keep my bands out for 10 hours a day. Also I can drink through a cup now! Exciting stuff. Unfortunately, still on the liquid diet for the next two weeks. The liquid diet has been so difficult at the beach because there are soooo many amazing restaurants down here but I can't really eat much. Last night I went to a restaurant for the first time since the surgery and got clam chowder and asked them to put it in a coffee mug since I can't use a spoon. I was able to eat most of it; however, it was difficult to watch my parents eat these amazing fish dishes. Oh well... Another thing that's difficult about being at the beach is that I can't enjoy cocktail hour! haha. I'm not allowed any alcohol for 5 weeks. My favorite thing at my beach house is to have a glass of wine or sangria and have cheese and crackers or get a margarita by the pool! But unfortunately I still have a couple of weeks before I can have a glass of wine :( jaw surgery problems...

We just got a new patio so everyone was enjoying drinks outside. I made a virgin margarita and drank it through my syringe. Everyone thought it was hilarious.


Day 18

I went to the beach the next morning after the concert. I was absolutely exhausted!


Day 17? I think?

Massive update of pictures coming. I'm at the beach now so I haven't really gotten around to updating. 

So on August 9th I went to the Justin Timberlake and Jay Z concert! I got the tickets months ago and didn't know if I'd be able to go because of the surgery, but I went! It was a little exhausting/overwhelming but a great show!

My sister and me before the the concert!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 13/14

The last couple days I've been extremely lazy. I've just been sitting on my couch watching Netflix and taking naps. I started the Netflix series Orange is the New Black and finished the entire season! Now I'm on to House of Cards. 

I've gotten super creative with food. The other day I wanted a muffin so I made Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins. I have made them before and they're really moist so I figured they would mix up in the blender nicely and they did! They were really good, although it kind of tasted like I was just eating muffin batter. I got the recipe from Skinny Taste. They are delicious in or out of the blender! For dinner my mom has been making me casseroles since those liquify nicely. I've definitely come along way from just having ensure.

As for my swelling, my nose is slowly coming back to normal. However, it still looks larger than usual. This morning I woke up with a little more feeling in my chin. It was kind of strange. I've been feeling a lot of tingling in my chin for the past week or so. Other than that, everything else is pretty much the same. My upper lip is still swollen and my cheeks right by my nose is still puffy.

I can smile!...sort of...