Friday, May 24, 2013

Updates upon Updates

So, it has been awhile....

I'm sure as most of you have felt, I got to the point where I was like: I don't care when surgery is, just tell me a date and I"ll show up. I was so frustrated and it felt that this surgery was never going to actually happen.

BUT..I got a surgery date!! It is not without complications, of course. However, long story short, I took off this year since graduating college to get surgery. Yet, things haven't gone according to plan and pre-op has taken much longer than expected. But instead of making this time a complete waste, I applied to graduate school and got into both schools I applied to! So, starting this September, I will be in an intensive one year graduate program, 8 hours away from home. While I'm so excited, it does make things a bit complicated.

Surgery is set for July 22nd, 2013. This gives me a limited time to recover. Originally I was supposed to have surgery March 15th, giving me plenty of time to recover, but now I'll be right in the middle of things. I am slightly worried, but I have been following other blogs closely for advice. Bromelain and a  vegan diet seem like a smart idea!

So in addition to weekly adjustments on my lower teeth, I finally got braces on my upper teeth. I'll give more of an update soon! If anyone has ANY information on quick recovery tips please share!