Monday, August 20, 2012

Some Current Photos

From reading everyone else's blogs, I've found everyone had great before and after photos. So, I awkwardly took some photos of myself the other felt like the good old middle school days of myspace with taking countless photos of yourself on your phone lol. 

Here's just a regular photo of me smiling. I'm so thankful you can't even see the bottom braces..but I'm also dreading the day when those top braces go on :( 

And here's a non-smiling photo (so awkward..I don't usually take "serious" photos) As you can see, I have a weak chin. 

So, I found it's really difficult to take profile photos of yourself lol maybe next time I'll get someone to take those for me.'s the dreaded profile...'s the lovely bottom braces! I had to get two bottom teeth removed and I believe the plan is to get my other bottom teeth to cover those gaps..but I'm not really sure? All, I know is that my orthodontist said I would begin to see my teeth spacing and that was a good thing. I have about 50 pages of reading to do before class at 6. I do not know how I feel about school starting up again...

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  1. Hi Katie,

    Yes picture taking is quite awkward at first, I felt like such an idiot taking pictures of myself but actually I love looking back at how much my teeth have changed and moved so far (I've had braces on for about 3 months now)it really is incredible how quickly they move!

    Good luck with school! x