Monday, January 21, 2013

The Horror of Side Profiles

So, like I've said many times before, right now I am in the process of moving my lower jaw back to make my overbite even worse. Then, come surgery, they will push it out so I'll have a normal lower jaw. I don't know all the medical terminology and everything, but my orthodontist and surgeon have discussed this a lot and decided this is the way to do it in order for me to get the best possible results.

It's been a slow process, but I've been dealing with it. Yet, it's getting harder because I can actually start to see how bad my overbite is becoming. I know this is technically a good thing, because it means all the orthodontic work is doing what it's supposed to do. However, it's difficult to see my lack of chin and poor side profile go from bad to worse. I have been self conscious about my side profile my entire life so seeing it get even worse is taking a toll on me. I'll be feeling perfectly content with the way I look and then I'll catch a glimpse of my side profile in a mirror or something and just feel terrible. I know it will all be worth it in the end and I am completely aware that I sound shallow and superficial, but I guess I just needed to rant about my frustrations.

Oh, and to make matters even worse, my surgeon and orthodontist now do not think my teeth will be ready for surgery on March 15th. They now think I may have to wait until May. I was so upset when I found out because for so long March 15th just seemed like this finishing line that I was getting closer and closer to reaching, and now, I don't know exactly when the surgery will be. I think the not knowing is the worst part of it all.

Here's some recent photos. I can't even handle my side profile, it's so bad haha

I was just getting ready to go outside, hence the giant scarf. From the front and smiling, I think I look like a relatively normal human being. But then I see my side view and lack of chin, and I'm just like wtf.

But enough negativity for now! I'm just been having a couple of rough weeks but I know it will all be worth it and by this time next year, hopefully I'll be healthy, happy, and a lot more confident!


  1. Awwww Katie, I feel for you. It is so horrible this process of having to make everything you dislike about yourself worse, much worse in order to make it better, eventually.

    You don't sound superficial at all, I went through the exact same thing, and I still do actually, some days I get ready for work, to go out, to go to bed and I'm feeling ok, feeling good, then I catch a glimpse of my side profile and like you feel completely rubbish!

    It is tough to try and remember that it has to get worse before it gets better and that it will get better and it's all happening for a good reason. I think it's the hardest part of the whole surgery process and it's impact is often underestimated and under publicised shall we say by surgeons and orthodontists.

    When you sign up to it all it should come with a warning, "You will feel like you look like an ogre for a while before you even have surgery... but it will get better."

    Hang in there, and try and remember that you don't look as horrible as you think you do. Your very pretty and I'm sooo jealous of your lovely long hair!

  2. thank you so much for being so sweet! It's so difficult to remember that it's going to get better soon, especially when I have all these orthodontist appointments and all these doctors talking about my abnormally small lower jaw. I know they are just talking from a medical standpoint, but sometimes it gets difficult to hear all the things that are wrong with my jaw haha

  3. Katie you are absolutely beautiful! You have such pretty straight white teeth and I'm jealous! I know exactly what you mean when you say you want to hide your jaw, sometimes the imperfections we see in ourself can seem so huge to us. Your surgery is coming so fast you must be so excited! When do you get your top braces?

    1. Thanks Cassie! well my surgery date is still not confirmed but I know the top braces won't have to go on until a month or two before surgery which I'm very happy about!