Thursday, June 13, 2013

Surgical Wires On!!!

Last week my surgical wires were put on! I have an appointment with my surgeon next week to go over things and probably make my splint? I don't really know haha I just can't believe this surgery is almost happening!

I'm heading off the grad school at the end of August and everyone keeps asking if I'm excited, but honestly I can't think of being excited until this surgery is done. It's literally the only thing on my mind. Just a little over a month and I will officially be in post op!

Since my surgical wires are on, my teeth can't move anymore until after the surgery. So, that means no more painful bands or zing strings or whatever they're called to move my bottom teeth together! The gaps aren't completely closed but my orthodontist is happy with the overbite he created and think it's in a great position to get the best possible results for surgery. The gaps can be completely closed post-op.

So now I am just focusing on being as healthy as possible before surgery. I've been careful with what I eat and have been trying to exercise. I just got back from vacation, so I think this week I'll be more committed to a vegan diet and going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. I plan on asking my surgeon about any supplements I can take (such as bromelain) when I have my appointment next week.

Here some current pictures. I'm still self conscious about having top braces. I know it's silly and I'll just have to get over it. Until then, I've been trying to practice the art of the toothless smile (resulting in some laugh worthy pictures). 


  1. How exciting for you Katie! It'll be surgery day before you know it. Donn't know if you'll remain vegan during recovery, but if you will and need some ideas for meals, feel free to contact me!

  2. Just stumbled across your blog. I am having surgery the week before you! So nervous, and strangely excited. How do you keep your clear braces so amazingly white? I need to lay off the coffee, geez! : ) I never was self conscious about side profile until about a year ago when the surgeon mentioned the surgery will relieve my pain and add definition to my jaw... gee thanks. lol I am planning on sticking to my super healthy gluten and grain free diet while recovering. I also am looking into supplements. Let me know what your Doctor recommends. Hope everything goes well!

  3. Yay we'll be in recovery together!! As for my white braces, I feel like I am constantly brushing them! I'm a big coffee drinker (like really addicted). For the first couple of days I tried drinking coffee with a straw but I just didn't enjoy my coffee as much. So now I just brush my teeth when I'm done. But I keep on forgetting I have to keep in mind my braces are clear. The other day I had a lot of iced tea and my braces looked disgusting! Isn't is so awkward when a surgeon tells you your jaw is underdeveloped? I know my side profile is awful but it's so uncomfortable when someone points that out to you! haha Hope everything goes well with you too!!

  4. We can be underdeveloped jaw friends! haha Well not for long... pretty soon we will have amazing super model jaws! Seriously though you are already beautiful. Good advice. I am going to be more on top of brushing immediately after drinking my coffee sometimes I don't get to it for 30m to an hour. I have gotten lazy!
    I will keep checking in!

  5. katie! (we have the same name. woo) I just found your blog, I am 3 weeks post-op and just want to wish you luck with your surgery!! being all nervous and anxious beforehand was no fun at all. ill keep you in my thoughts and prayers. i had an overbite too, and also disliked when doctors kept referring to my lower jaw as underdeveloped and too small... you will have such great results with your surgery, best of luck, keep updating :)