Sunday, July 21, 2013


Tomorrow is the big day! I honestly can't believe it's here and I can't even feel nervous because it really hasn't hit me yet. My surgery is at 7:30 am so I'll be getting to the hospital pretty early. In the past couple weeks I've been been going to doctors and getting prepared. I had to get a physical, get some blood work done, and then last Thursday I got my surgical hooks on. The hooks are weird/annoying.

Here's a list of a couple things I got to prepare:

-Baby Toothbrush
-Body pillows (I put one under my mattress to prop up my bed)
-Wipes for my face
-Button down shirts
-Apple Sauce
-I have a blender, food processor, and my surgeon's office gave me a NutriBullet!

I have been blending a bunch of smoothies since my mom doesn't really know how to make them and I know the first couple days I won't feel up to it to make smoothies. I made a bunch of different kinds, but my favorite is a green smoothie. The ingredients are:

-A handful of spinach
-Protein powder
-Half a banana
-Frozen pineapple
-Pineapple juice
-V8 tropical juice

I normally make smoothies with almond milk, but I find the juice makes them much thinner. So hopefully I'll able to have all these smoothies I just made! I know from reading everyone else's blogs, the first couple of days I probably won't feel like eating much.

Here's a few more before pictures, the ones from today aren't great. I'm really exhausted and haven't put on any make up today.

Surgical Hooks

Dreaded Side View

So many smoothies!
Selfie haha What a difference some make up makes!

Actually showing off those lovely braces

I thought this was a good candid of my side view. This picture would be so cute if my profile was better.


Well I'm off to eat my last good meal for a while! (My favorite chicken pad thai! I haven't really been sticking to the vegan thing....) I may post more in the morning but if not I'll be posting updates post-op!


  1. Good luck! I will be thinking about you! Just a heads up I bought a whole bunch of juices for after, and I wasn't able to drink them the first few days. The acidity hurt my incisions. My new favorite way to eat is a ball jar and this "cuppow" lid that goes on it. It is seriously amazing, and so cute! (I put a pic up on my blog) I got it from amazon! I will check in to see how you are doing! I know things will go great! : ) p.s. aquaphor has been amazing.

  2. GOOD LUCK Katie !! :) :) I am so happy for you!!! your results are going to be so fantastic and I cant wait to see them. Update us asap :)

  3. I can't wait to see your updates! My surgery is tomorrow and I'm so nervous!! I hope you are doing ok!

  4. Thanks girls so much!! This blogger support system is just so great! Heather, I'll have to check out the cuppow lid! And Mary, you're going to do great!!!!