Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 6

I am definitely starting to feel better. Nights and morning are still hard, but during the day I feel like myself. Last night I was able to sleep a little bit better. I've been trying to ice a lot because it is uncomfortable near my ears/cheekbones. For food, I've mostly been sticking to ensure and soups. I like all the juices I made, but sometimes the protein powder creates this chalky taste that's really gross. Right now, my mom is going to the store to get potatoes and avocados so hopefully we can whip something up!

Speaking of my mom, she is been amazing throughout this whole process! She obviously stayed with me in the hospital and now that I'm home she is waiting on me hand and foot. She's feeding me, wiping my drool, basically I'm just like a huge baby that needs to be taken care of. The first night back home I couldn't sleep because of a really bizarre dream and she came into my room and stayed with me until I was ok. This whole recovery makes me feel like a little kid again! I definitely couldn't get through this without the help of my mom! My dad and my sister have also been great and even my extended family and neighbors have been so sweet sending me sooo many flowers! I also have to give a shout out to fellow jaw surgery patient Heather! I got those breathe right strips! Talk about a live saver! My new obsession is putting q-tips a little up my nose and then putting a breath right strip on. It feels so much better being able to actually breath! I also finally got a jaw bra that has ice packs that can go in them. I didn't get one initially because I knew the hospital provided ice packs, but did anyone find those as uncomfortable and useless as I did? They were so heavy on my head I thought my head would explode any minute.

Here's an update on photos. I don't really see any difference, but my mom says she thinks the swelling looks much better.
So many pretty flowers!

My puppy taking care of me!

breathe right strips



  1. I am so glad those breathe right strips worked for you! I just stopped using them 24/7 on Thursday a week and a half post op. I finally lost what was blocking my nose. It wasn't prepared for gross things to happen! lol Aw, I love your dog. So cute. My big guy was worried from afar for the first few days, I think my face and my not talking had him all confused! Hope the swelling starts going down soon! Once it does it gets easier! : ) I just posted on my blog about some post surgery important things. I will keep checking in! Chin up!! So agree by the way with those stupid ice things they give you at the hospital.. SO heavy! I loved the jaw bra!

  2. Katie you made it! wahoooooo !! I cant wait to see what your bite looks like, you look wonderful :) It's so nice that you have your family taking such good care of you, it would be awful to be stuck on the road to recovery alone. And honestly some times it just feels wonderful to be taken care of, especially by a mom. Your dog is so sweet! Glad you are feeling well!