Thursday, July 25, 2013

Officially on the Post-Op Side of Things!

Hello everyone! Surgery went well on the 22nd and now I'm at home recovering. I'm am so impressed with all these bloggers who are able to post a day or two after surgery. I am now on Day 4 and was just finally feeling up to it! 

I'm feeling ok now but my energy level goes from high to low really quickly. And even though I spent months and months researching, nothing really prepared for the the uncomfortableness I'd be feeling. It's only day four and I'm sick of going to bed sleeping up, it's really frustrating not being able to talk, and my nose is getting so stuffy I feel like I can't breath. I spent two nights in the hospital and don't think I slept much the second night because I was so paranoid I wasn't breathing. It's also really hard in the hospital because nurses are coming in so often to take your vitals. I'm lucky that I had a really good nursing team. Everyone was very sweet and understanding!

Yesterday during the day was good but I would say last night was the worst. I got home and was so excited to sleep in my own bed but I just couldn't fall asleep and when I did fall asleep I was having strange dreams and would wake up with my mouth tasting horrible. But I've heard day three is usually the height of swelling so hopefully tonight will be better.

I'm really trying to drink as much liquids as possible. Mostly apple juice, water, and ensure. I keep on getting headaches from lack of food and they immediately go away after some ensure. I've only tried a small amount of my juices so I'll post more on that later.

I'll write more later because I am getting tried but for anyone who is still going to have surgery or is in the early stages of recovery and feels uncomfortable, take a shower! It literally feels like the best thing in the world! Yesterday I took three haha

Here's a photo from today. I'll post more later.

Day 4 

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  1. Your alive! : ) Yay! I am glad the surgery went well! It will get easier, kinda. lol I had a horrible stuffy nose where I thought I was going to pass out from lack of air. Breathe right strips. Have someone buy some for you immediately. I got a q-tip and put in a little jar a tbs of water and a tbs of distilled water and mixed it and put the q-tip up my nose carefully and not to far and it cleared up all the dried blood. Then put the breathe right on... it does wonders!! Hope the swelling starts going down tomorrow! Chin up!