Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 13

Today was good! I feel like my swelling has gone down and I'm starting to feel somewhat normal. However, I am so sick of eating through syringes and bottles! I can't wait until my doctor says I can take off my bands and move on to soft food. I'm finally sleeping through the nights which is awesome! I am also getting more and more creative with food. Today I woke up craving french toast, so my mom whipped some up and put it in the blender. It was delicious! I started researching some recipes for casseroles because I figured those would be easy to put in the blender. Right now my mom is making a chicken and broccoli one so we'll see how that goes!

I left the house today to go to Home Goods to get some stuff for my apartment. It was the opening day of this particular Home Goods, so it was very crowded and overwhelming. There were so many people that I was terrified someone was going to bump into me and hit my face haha. Luckily nothing like that happened, but I definitely think I'm going to be worried like that for a while. Speaking of being worried, this morning it finally happened: I had to sneeze. I'm not supposed to sneeze for a couple of weeks, but this morning I felt the sneeze coming but I somehow controlled it, and sort of sneezed through my mouth. It was strange, but it wasn't painful. As for my skin, it's better than it was a few days ago but it is still more oily than usual. I've been trying to control it through clean and clear oil absorbing sheets.

Since I actually did my hair and my makeup today, I took a good amount of pictures. Here they are:

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