Monday, August 5, 2013

2 weeks!!

Today it has been 2 weeks since my surgery! I had an appointment with my surgeon today and they took out some of my stitches and replaced my bands. Instead of wearing two on each side, I am now wearing one band on each side and can take them out for a couple of hours a day. I haven't taken them out yet because I'm too nervous I won't be able to get them back in! Surprisingly, it was really uncomfortable getting my stitches out. Last week, I don't remember it being that big of a deal, but this week I thought I was going to pass out! It was a little scary, but it passed. After my appointment, my mom and I went shopping (my surgeon's office just happens to be near all my favorite stores!) It was fun but now I'm exhausted. Unfortunately, I'm still eating liquids through the syringes and bottles. I really hope next week I'll get the go ahead to eat soft foods without the syringe. I think my swelling has gone down slightly. I'm starting to see more of a jaw line. However, my nose is still not back to normal and my cheeks feel extremely puffy.


  1. Katie your jawline is looking amazing!! you must be so pleased with the outcome so far. You make the recovery look like a breeze :) are you still trying the whole vegan/vegetarian thing?

  2. You are looking great Katie! Crazy how tired you get from "normal" activities like shopping. Hope things keep going well for you! Your profile is looking amazing!

  3. Thanks guys!! Cassie, I kind of gave up on the whole vegan thing..I just couldn't find vegan foods that I liked liquified. I think if I had started practicing eating vegan earlier it would've been easier but I was lazy haha