Tuesday, August 13, 2013

3 weeks!

Yesterday it was 3 weeks since my surgery! I went to the surgeons office and they took out a couple more stitches and said I can keep my bands out for 10 hours a day. Also I can drink through a cup now! Exciting stuff. Unfortunately, still on the liquid diet for the next two weeks. The liquid diet has been so difficult at the beach because there are soooo many amazing restaurants down here but I can't really eat much. Last night I went to a restaurant for the first time since the surgery and got clam chowder and asked them to put it in a coffee mug since I can't use a spoon. I was able to eat most of it; however, it was difficult to watch my parents eat these amazing fish dishes. Oh well... Another thing that's difficult about being at the beach is that I can't enjoy cocktail hour! haha. I'm not allowed any alcohol for 5 weeks. My favorite thing at my beach house is to have a glass of wine or sangria and have cheese and crackers or get a margarita by the pool! But unfortunately I still have a couple of weeks before I can have a glass of wine :( jaw surgery problems...

We just got a new patio so everyone was enjoying drinks outside. I made a virgin margarita and drank it through my syringe. Everyone thought it was hilarious.


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  1. You look amazing! Swelling has really gone down, and you can really see the jaw line start to come out! Looking good. I love that you drank your virgin margarita through a syringe. So funny. I was given the okay to drink a little on day 20, which was the day we went to the Giants game. So I ordered a glass of white wine, it was good but it did sting a little on my incisions. Enjoy the beach, and pool with your virgin drinks + syringe! : ) Soon you will be sipping wine, and eating crackers and cheese.