Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 11

Sorry for lack of posts, I've been trying to keep busy and then I get too tired to write. Here's some photos from the past few days. I don't have anything from today because I actually think my swelling has gotten worse and my skin has completely broken out! It's awful, it's been really oily since surgery. I've never had oily skin or a major acne problem, so I'm hope this is just a temporary side effect because it's getting really annoying.
I had Frozen Yogurt the other day! It was definitely the happiest I've been in since surgery! I would like to eat it everyday. If only froyo had a little more nutritional value....

Day 10. Yesterday was great! I tried to keep busy and even went to the movies! My lip swelling also went down.

This morning was good! I had an iced latte and oatmeal outside. Unfortunately after this is got really tired and slept for most of the day. Hopefully tomorrow I'll see more of my swelling going down!


  1. my skin has done the same thing!! :( i never had issues before surgery... now it is just annoying... im at 7 weeks and it still isn't back to normal, hoping it does eventually! you look great! hope things continue to heal quickly, keep updating :)

  2. it's so annoying but i'm sure it will all be normal soon!!!