Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Pictures

So many selfies 

Me and my pup

Did some damage on my shopping spree

Me and my muffin...my mom wanted to document every moment of me eating 

smiling profile

I can have wine! 

Actually Eating!! Huge Moment haha 


  1. Hi Katie. The 'I can have wine photo' is fab! No Sauvignon for weeks is going to be a nightmare for me! There's nothing nicer than sipping a glass on a summer evening in th garden.
    Your progress is great and I'm really happy for you that you can eat normal food again! :)

  2. I can see so much progress!! I'm at 4 months and can't wait to get a natural smile. I like yours - it looks like you're healing well!

  3. You look amazing Katie! Shopping and eating a muffin makes everyone feel better, especially something from madewell. : ) Glad to see you are doing well.