Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 27

I got back from the beach yesterday and I am exhausted. My face got a little sun burnt and unfortunately, that made my swelling worse. I only have 10 days until I move to go to grad school so I'm working hard on being super healthy to get swelling to come down. Now that I'm feeling better, I started drinking my green protein shakes again. I had planned on drinking these through my whole recovery, but when I got home from the hospital, I felt so tired and crappy that all I wanted was comfort food like mashed potatoes and soup. Now that I'm starting to feel like a normal human being again, it's time to get healthy. I also am trying to drink more water. I've never been a fan of water, but I'm doing my best to drink about 60 oz a day.

Progression of my swelling. The first photo is when I first got home from the hospital,  then week 1, week 2, week 3.

Day 27

At my beach house. I'm so happy I can wear my hair up and not stress about how my side profile looks!

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  1. katie you look incredible! your swelling has gone down so much in three weeks. I hope you had fun at the beach, minus the burn. And ps I dont blame you, I can totally see how mashed potatoes are way more delicious than a shake full of spinach! :)